Research Genetics and Agrochemistry

Research and development

The research work represent fundamental studies in the field of genetics, biotechnology and agrochemistry. Fundamental studies in the field of genetics and biotechnology are based on the exploitation of heterosis and the use of wide genetic variation of the tribe Triticeae and Maydeae as a tool for the creation of modern cultivars with superior properties.

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Activities and goals

Business philosophy of RGA can be splitted into following activities and goals: Creation of inbreds in the tribe Triticeae, Creation of F1 hybrids in the tribe Triticeae, Genome manipulation in the tribe Maydeae.

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About us

RGA (Research Genetics and Agrochemistry) is an innovative company, active in the areas of plant genetics, biotechnology and agricultural chemistry. It was founded as a spin-off company of the Institute “Jožef Stefan” with the main goal to transfer the latest scientific achievements into plant breeding. This means especially the creation of modern cultivars which belongs botanically to the tribe Triticeae and Maydeae. The research activities are constantly connected with the synthesis of innovative chemical compounds which are necessary for the breeding of new varieties or exploitation of their genetic potential. This way the company displays inventiveness, innovativeness and applicability in the area of its operation.