RGA is a partner in the ECOBREED project (Grant agreement ID: 771367), which aims to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of organic crop production. The project started on May 1, 2018 and will last until April 30, 2023. The leading partner of the project is the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. The project consortium consist of 24 universities, scientific institutes and companies from Europe, USA and China. The primary goal of ECOBREED project is to create an assortment for the organic production of four important agricultural crops, namely wheat, potatoes, soybeans and buckwheat. In five years, the project will develop selection methods and infrastructure for organic seed production.

The objectives of the ECOBREED project are:
  • - To increase the availability of seeds and varieties for the organic and low-input sector
  • - To identify traits and combinations of traits suited to organic and low-input production environment including high nutrient use efficiency and weed competitiveness/allelopathy
  • - To increase breeding activities for organic and low-input crop production.

The role of RGA in the project is to participate in the development of new varieties of buckwheat and wheat. The emphasis is mainly on the development of perennial wheat breeding materials and self-pollinating varieties of buckwheat.

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